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She's two years older than him. I always confuse John and his twin brother. Tom's already here, but Bill hasn't come yet. Let's ask a travel agent. OK. Now what? I should not have wasted my time. She told him that she was leaving. I will ask him to call you up Can I use a credit card? Is there a store near here?
Ciao Bella Cheats: - All's well that ends well.
- I am Mrs. Radha. I have come here regarding my son Mahesh's admission in your school.
- How much time did you spend doing research before you started writing?
- I'm slightly hungry.
- How long do I have to stay here?
- She stopped to smoke.
- It is dangerous to swim here.
- What time did you go to sleep?
- Few people live to be one hundred years old.
- He acts as if he were a king.
She believed him when he said he loved her. I usually wake up at six. How about a sweater? I saw a really nice one in the mall the other day. Maybe we can go there and take a look. I wish I had seen her. How many computers have you had so far? Take these tablets for three days. He fell in love with her. You must do your best. May I have your name, please? Please sit here and wait.

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