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She thought that he was wasting electricity. Watch out for thieves around here. She'd like him to come to her house at 2:30. He is very handsome. Can I speak to Mr. Sultan? I learned in college. Have you seen Sara today? I think she might have one. She bent down. Yes. Everyone around here does. Nobody knows why.
Exbii Lingerie: - What did she buy at the shop?
- I will never see him again.
- I'd like a non-smoking room.
- I know that he went to London.
- I see. Talking with other people is very important.
- I'd rather clean my room than spend time doing my homework.
- Can I have a word with you?
- I bought her a toy cat, but she wasn't happy with it.
- She helps him.
- She felt like taking a walk.
Yes, I know her. We're friends. I put some cream in my coffee. It's going to be hot today. Have you eaten at that restaurant? What are you going to see? Aren't you coming to the party tomorrow? He drank a shot of whiskey. She was born in the 1950s. The book is behind the table. She did her best to persuade him.

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