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You look contented. She invited him in for a cup of coffee. No, I checked and there weren't any. Do you know where your father went? At what time? Don't move with them. Do you remember buying me lunch? My father is always getting angry. I couldn't make myself heard above the noise. The accident happened at the intersection.
Encarta Kids 2009: - There are many active volcanoes in Japan.
- Does Nancy have to do her homework now?
- She is in love with him.
- I haven't seen him for a long time.
- Wait a moment.
- I did it the way he told me to.
- Has the mailman already come?
- You'll find our house at the end of the next street.
- He asked a very good question.
- Beware of pickpockets.
Did you come with your family? Do you have any tattoos? May I use your toilet? It's my business to investigate such things. It's in between the wall and the bed. You should apologize. What is the minimum amount to be deposited to open an account? We couldn't go out because of the typhoon. Roger slipped on the ice and hurt his leg. He's an expert on digital cameras.

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