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He came to see you right after you left. Yes. You can. What do you want to buy? Everybody looks up to him. Who is next? How long does it take on foot? We have lost sight of him. What's your impression of the United States? I don't enjoy traveling in large groups. Let's take a break.
Mimp3.Netmusica: - How do I get to the American Embassy?
- I must be leaving now.
- My father is always getting angry.
- It is never too late to learn.
- We can hear the ocean from here.
- He has guts.
- I will look the other way.
- Sure. Where should I put this cup?
- Yeah, Sarah told me this afternoon. She was pretty upset about it.
- Quite a few Americans like sushi.
Do you know Tom well? What do you think? I see. There are many postcards in this store. Mike doesn't have to wash his mother's car today. Oh, that's a really nice store. I like the clothes there. I want to ask them when their wedding day is. I think if I talked more often with a native speaker, my English skills would improve quickly. I've never seen that before. She liked him right off.

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